June 6, 2017

About Us


Muslim Americans are facing overwhelming challenges from heightened Islamophobia to the rise in atheism to the plague of drugs and alcohol as well as mental health issues to simply cultivating upright Muslim families. More than 50% of Muslim Americans find it more difficult to live as a Muslim in America.



The vision of the Living the Faith convention is to provide an all-inclusive platform to constructively work together in addressing and exploring solutions to the challenges we face living our faith in America as a complete way of life. This gathering is meant to be a living convention with action items and follow-up meetings after the convention.



The “Living the Faith” convention will take the lead to connect Imams, organizations, community leaders, and professional experts to address the issues and offer working solutions. By bringing together all races and ethnic backgrounds, we will constructively work together to identify priorities and organize teams and leaders that will carry on the work throughout the year, making it a ‘living convention.’ Above all, the aim is to re-connect with our Creator and start a process of purifying the heart and soul.